Monday, 31 January 2011

Sabre Team (Amiga)

You can find my second look at the game here instead: Sabre Team (Amiga) - Replay.

Sabre Team (AGA Version). Came out around the same time as X-Com, and apparently has similar gameplay.

Suddenly bad people appear, and only one team can clear those buggers out.


Okay I kept clicking on things until a game started. You thought X-Com's interface was bad? You have to hover the mouse over some of these icons to see their animation before you can start to guess at what they do.

But I figure out the move button at least, and get my people on the ground and moving towards the building. End turn!

Hidden movement.

Okay, we're back. I accidentally click the 'attack' button, which brings up a 'your gun isn't loaded' message. My guns aren't LOADED? We came into a combat zone with unloaded weapons? That seems a little unprofessional, or at least unprepared.

I decided to check out the map; it seems that we're in a place, and there's a door. Now I've got a handle on the situation, I look for a close button...

Then I try pressing escape instead.

That quits the game? No confirmation message?

To be honest, I'm kind of grateful.


  1. "You thought X-Com's interface was bad?"

    No, I was never dumb enough to have this thought.

  2. Fuck this game. I can't even finish one mission.

  3. Well you see, back in the old days, reading the manual was important.

    1. I just stay well clear of the 'Escape' button in older games now. I've learned they cannot be trusted.

      I actually came back to this game in a later post, determined to figure out how to actually play it. Turns out that knowing the controls didn't make it any more fun, for me anyway, as every playthrough ended up with the slow-motion murder of my squad inside the second room of level one.

      But to be fair I did make the mistake of playing it right after X-Com/UFO, which is still regarded as being one of the best games in the genre, making this feel unbearably clunky by comparison. Maybe I would've gotten more out of it if I'd played it after something more primitive like, I dunno... Laser Squad.

      Though I kinda doubt it.


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