Monday, 31 January 2011

Creatures (Amiga)

Just for a change, I'm playing something I've played before.

It stands for 'Clyde Radcliffe Exterminates All The Unfriendly Repulsive Earth-ridden Slime'.

Nice waterfall. Nice everything in fact.

That's Clyde in the center. The one grinning while spitting fireballs at that flickering enemy on the right.

This game is kinda hard. No, actually it's REALLY FUCKING HARD. Full of pixel perfect jumps to make, and you can't make the screen scroll backwards if you screw up. That's pretty much where you have to stand to make that jump.

The cunning... whatever the hell Clyde is, attacks enemies from behind the safety of a rock wall.

You can't fire while on a leaf. But that's okay because half the enemies you meet while riding them are mysteriously invincible. And there's no way to tell the difference. This game is a BASTARD.

See, those two flying things are the invincible type. Totally identical to the last one. But those little ground crawlers aren't... TASTE DEATH FROM ABOVE, BITCHES!

Eventually I reached an epic boss battle, but I was too busy fighting the boss to screenshot it. But I beat the guy!

Okay, I admit I cheated to beat him. As a rule I don't use cheats, savestates, trainers etc. when I'm playing these games, but for this I made an exception.

Shop screen!

And now, the reason I loaded it up at all! The reason I cheated to get through that boss battle. A torture level.

These are a race against time to rescue your friend before he's ripped apart by an animated trap and... wait, LEVEL 2? No! I want a torture level!!



  1. I... I have never seen the Amiga version of this game before. It's hideous.

  2. First time seeing this version. It looks polished but it ruins the OG.
    thanks for this find


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