Sunday, 30 January 2011

Doodlebug (Amiga)

Wow, that seems unusually... well made. You know, relatively speaking.

Oh wow, this actually plays like a real platformer. More or less. It's not the best platformer but it's a thousand times slicker than most of the games I've been playing. It's like a... hey wait a minute, is that a SEGA MEGA DRIVE up there?

Also, the sun is staring at me.

Also, this game has CLOWN MUSIC.

Note to self. Jumping on the happy train kills you.

Aww, all the way back to the start of the level again?

No! Not my gold!!

OH SHIT IT'S A CLOWN! No carphone or briefcase though, so I guess my gold is safe.

Level two brought lots of cool new things, like rubber ducks that killed me, and a switch that made a clown appear RIGHT BEHIND ME. But sadly those screenshots didn't work, and the game was giving me too many extra lives to reach a game over screen, so I have to end this Doodlebug adventure here.

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