Monday, 31 January 2011

Corporation (Amiga)

Okay, seems like a business sim. Not my sort of game but whatever.

A 3d rendered office building. Fantastic. I see we're in for great things.

OMG WTF! It took me like three tries to screenshot this because of how fast it flashes up.

Then this person starts screaming!

The screaming must be stopped, and only player one is up to the task, but who shall I be? The Terminator perhaps? (Nice tilting 3d portrait in the top left btw).

AHA Donna Jaxxon. She must be good, she has TWO x's in her name.

I gear up with guns, gasmasks, first aid, grenades, water, chemicals, etc, then I head in.

Hmm. I'm in what appears to be a room looking at what appears to be a door and there appears to be gunfire outside.

Well, the thing at the bottom seems to be a touchpad that makes the character... shuffle around a bit. Clicking on the screen makes me shoot the gun. The buttons on the bottom don't seem to do much, and the buttons on the the side...

AHA! It's a picture of a gun. Excellent.

How do I get rid of it? Click all the buttons again...

Now I'm staring at a blank wall, and I can't see the door anymore and I've accidentally dropped my gasmask, and I'm down to half health, and the shooting is still happening outside!

Next game.


  1. I really wish you'd give this one another go, it's a pain in the arse, but it really showed where games would go in the future, a bit like hunter, midwinter and cybercon 3

    mark B

    1. It's a bit early for me to promise anything, but you may be seeing more of Corporation here in the next month.

  2. Sort of reminds me of Syndicate.


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