Monday, 31 January 2011

Ghost Battle (Amiga)

Time for a game of...

There's nothing 'NORMAL' about that.

Oh no! This poor woman is being grabbed and dragged off by the evil blue hand of evil, while our hero stands watching, helpless. Perhaps he's unable to move due to his hugely oversized arms.

It appears that we must fight our way through jigsaw land and pass a couple of tests to get the girl back. Assuming that we're still doing that, and not applying to be 'The Bravest Hero' instead.

Oh wow, look at his arms. And his tiny little legs!

I can't take this guy seriously at all.

I'm not sure what went so wrong here. The artist does backgrounds fine it seems, and the girl at the start looked fine, but what is up with that hero?

Wait, this game is by Thalion? Does that mean?

Oh shit these graphics are by HENK NIEBORG! (Official Site) He's one of my favourite pixel artists, and I've been criticising his art? Shameful.

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