Monday, 31 January 2011

The Amazing Spider-Man (Amiga)

Oh wow, the music in this is so incredibly bad. It's like someone has mapped a 'SPIDER-MAN!' sample to their keyboard, and they're playing a tune with it.

 Hmm, not what you'd expect. Spider-Man is so tiny, and hey there's an R2D2 cameo in the top right.

I had to use the helicopter (standing on the rotor blades!) to get up and into the building, because I couldn't climb the wall for some reason, but now Spider-Man can finally swing into action!

Damn, this isn't good. Also all the doors are locked and my web does nothing against that metal mechanical monstrosity.

 Maybe I could... no this isn't working.

Or maybe, no that's not right either. Wait... look at Spider-Man's picture on the right. He's dissolving into a SKELETON!

Next game.

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