Sunday, 30 January 2011

Defenders of the Earth (Amiga)

Earth's greatest champions, The Phantom, some magician guy, Flash Gordon, and some other guy, join together to save the Earth!

C'mon Phantom, kick the door in so we can escape. Each enemy killed gets you 100 points, so I've killed 25 at this point and I'm still in the first room.

Agh, enemies coming from everywhere!!!! Wait, is that a Fraggle on my team?

Oh SHIT! Shoot it shoot it shoot it.

107 enemies later...

My shield went Dynak-X. Doh.


  1. The magician and black guy are Mandrake the Magician and his assistant Lothar. Did you not ever watch the cartoon?!

    1. I've never watched an episode, but the intro's on YouTube and it looks like the DOE have a really solid lineup.

      They've got a laser-shooting sci-fi fighter jock, a guy with super strength who's actually a prince, a magician, and a beastmaster who gets away with running (i) on elephants, (ii) around in that purple suit. In the series he also has a ring that shoots skull tattoos. Plus there's an entire budget version of the Planeteers to fill the annoying kid sidekick spot. That covers just about everything.

      No clue about the Fraggle.


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