Friday, 29 July 2011

Captain America and the Avengers (Genesis/Mega Drive)

"The Avengers" exclaims the announcer. Already I can tell that this is going to be something, uh, special.

This one is entirely different to the NES game with the same title I played yesterday. It's actually based on an arcade game, which probably explains why there's an announcer.

The mighty Avengers assemble! Hawkeye, Captain America, Iron Man and... someone else. I'll go with Captain America, seeing as he's the reason I'm playing this game.

Insidious super-villain Red Skull has sinister scheme to enslave the world. First he lures in costumed criminals by offering them a share of his fortune, then he uses a mind control machine to gain control over their every move.

Apparently he wasn't all that subtle about it, because the Avengers have heard about what he's up to, and they're not having it.

Run in fear citizens, Captain America is here!

Okay, it seems that I've got a number of moves here. Punch, jump... a jumping kick, sometimes a throw. Also I can throw my shield by pressing punch and jump together.

Nothing seems to have any weight to it though. Captain America can leap to the top of the screen effortlessly, and every time he's knocked down he floats to the ground.

Captain America and the Avengers (SNES)
The SNES version looks pretty different, but is very similar in gameplay. I guess they're both based on the same arcade game, but have totally redrawn graphics to suit their hardware.

One difference I noticed. The SNES version has a separate button to throw the shield. The Mega Drive has a button spare for it, but it seems they just weren't interested.

Hey, I can do a running slide into enemies! I don't need to bother with clumsy punches or shield throws any more. Now I can glide across the pavement gracefully, and slam my opponents to the ground.

I'm sorry gentlemen, but you're in the process of committing a robbery and it is my duty to bring an end to your criminal activities.

Or we could just say that to them.

I liked it better when they didn't have lasers. Those half forgotten carefree days of running up and smashing into foes with just the occasional glance at the screen to line myself up with the next enemy.

Now I keep getting shot before I can get close. It wouldn't be so bad except Captain America keeps yelling 'Nooo!' every time he's knocked down, and it's getting on my nerves.

Captain America and the Avengers (SNES)
Annoyingly I can't seem to pull off a running attack at all in the SNES version. Maybe there is a way to do it and I just haven't figured it out yet.

Captain America and the Avengers (Game Gear)
The Game Gear version... isn't really the same game at all it seems. The Game Boy version is similarly cut down and reworked..

"Thank you... Quicksilver!"

My good friend Quicksilver dropped by to give me a large blue egg that replenished some of my health, and not a moment too soon.

More health would have been better though. And if he's got nothing better to do than jog around and watch, then why isn't he helping me hit these people? I'm starting to think he's not much of a friend after all.

It sure is nice to get back to running into people.

This game actually looks quite decent in screenshots. It looks a little less decent in motion.

A bit clichéd perhaps, but it's direct and to the point, plus hopefully truthful. And it's a classic.

Damn, man... good comeback by the guy with the conical head and the green sports bra.

You're not just going to take that are you Cap?

Running slide motherfucker. When you absolutely, positively have to take out your enemies with the least amount of effort, accept no substitutes.

Oh, and have a shield to the groin just to add insult to your injuries.

That's for all the times you went spinning around the screen as a whirlwind throwing crap at me. That cost me a life that did.


I really hope he means this hover bike... thing.

Wow, they didn't even give me a gun for this shoot 'em up sequence. I have to fire off shields instead. It's lucky for me I brought spares.

Like the with the ground combat, this bit isn't really that bad but it's just not that good either.

Oh, another boss fight. Great. I'll just sit here and hammer the throw shield button then until one of us explodes.


Back to running into enemies then. Actually no, I'm really bored of this now.

I should probably have a look at the arcade version though, if only to see which port was closest to the original.

Captain America and the Avengers (Arcade)
Oh shit... hand drawn artwork for the backgrounds!

Captain America and the Avengers (Arcade)
This looks so much better. I mean I knew it'd probably look a bit better, and play a bit better (and it does), but I didn't expect it to look like THIS.

Captain America and the Avengers (Arcade)
The water looks better in motion, it's all parallax scrolling.

Captain America and the Avengers (Arcade)
Take that, mysterious unnamed giant robot!

Captain America and the Avengers (Arcade)
But what has the Red Skull planned for the next stage??? I dunno, this is where I stopped playing.

This actually made it to consoles after Streets of Rage 2, so it probably already felt dated and awkward at the time. To be fair, it's far from the worst Captain America game I've played this week, but the arcade original is much better.

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