Monday, 11 July 2011

Beauty and the Beast: Be Our Guest (MS-DOS) - Guest Post

Squashed up digitised painting of the day!

In order to prepare Belle and the Beast for the dance, I have complete some minigames. After all, what is dinner without a little... minigame?

My help is greatly appreciated, huh? I bet.

Cogsworth wants me to match up symbols from his book to those on the shelf on the right. Even if I find their books, they're going to have a real trouble getting them down. Knowing this place, the books could probably come alive and eat me.

My short term memory doesn't fail me, and I am able to correctly remember a sequence of five symbols. Next!

Lumiere wants me to help him rehearse for the big dance number on the cake.

This level is really hard. It's just like Jumping Jack, in fact. The objective is to pick up the cherries and make your way to the top of the cake. If you hit any of the other characters, you fall down and become momentarily stunned. If you're hit when you're on the bottom level, you have to start again.

What makes this so difficult is that you control Lumiere with the mouse. You have to continually move the mouse in the direction you want to move, and he lurches about the place doing his dance.

You'll see this screen a lot. This was on easy mode, too.

Match flowers:

Cause global warming.

Enough of your lip, Chip. What's next?

The cooker has the expression I did when playing this game.

Can you figure out what you're supposed to do on this level?

The eggs bounce around in a straight line and you have to manipulate the environment to get them safely down to the cake bowl without getting them smashed.

Oh yeah, the eggs are alive. Jumping around the place alive. And they get cooked alive.

This is not right.


Match colours and sheets bounce about the place. Don't match colours and even more sheets bounce about the place. The music for this level is 'Kill The Beast' from the animation. It's like they went out of their way to try and make sheets as scary as they could.

Is that the final minigame? Well...

These guys are happy.

Those guys are happy.

Awesome, it's over, we're all happy. Let's take a second to marvel at how well presented this game is.

Nobody has to play this game ever again. That's gotta be a happy ending.

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