Friday, 1 July 2011

Batman (TurboGrafx-16)


Gold text, big yellow oval with a bat logo in the middle, music that sounds nothing like the Batman movie score. So far it's pretty similar to the other games.

And so we start where all Batman games (based on the movies) must, the streets of Gotham City.

Though this is new. This looks like some kind of maze game. I'd heard this game was a little like Pac-Man but I didn't realise it was going to be this much like Pac-Man.

It seems I've got to go around dodging henchmen and collecting boxes.

Ah, when I collect items the counter on the bottom right goes down. Oh shit, I've just noticed that the henchmen have me cornered. I've got a batarang attack, but that only stuns them.

Cool, when enemies are stunned I can just walk into them to knock them off the level. Well that makes things ridiculously easy really. The enemies soon come back, but I'll just kill them again.

Okay, perhaps I'm underestimating these little bastards. I can't move while my batarang is still in the air, so for a second or two until it flies back I'm totally defenceless.

Crap, these teal ones run at me! I was just minding my own business, collecting trash from the streets of Gotham, when suddenly the blue clown walking down the road darts right at me before I can get a batarang off.

Most of the henchmen just ignore you and wander aimlessly, so I never saw it coming.

Thankfully continuing puts me back on the level I was killed on. Without all my cool power ups though.

Damn, I recognise the music from somewhere. I've heard it very recently but I can't figure out where.

That's what it's from! It's the level one music from Batman - The Video Game on the NES. Nice tune.

I can't quite make out what they're selling in those shops, but it looks weird.

This is like my worst nightmare. A city entirely populated by clowns. Even the cars have clowns painted on the side.

Damn, it's not bad enough I've got blue henchmen chasing me, but now there's goons with guns? But being able to safely throw my batarang from a distance was my only advantage!

Stage 8 now? These Gotham City stages go on forever.

A bomb pick up, that's new. I've found pick ups to improve my speed, my batarang range etc, but what is a bomb going to improve?

Oh! It improve the level by removing all the clowns. Well that's handy.

Damn that was close! It's like these things are trying to run me over.

Oh shit, I think that guy on the right has a gun...

That is a damn weird password system. Also, all through the game it's bothered me that the way they've drawn Batman's belt makes it look like he's got one giant bat symbol covering his entire torso.

It's not a terrible game, but it didn't really interest me much either. To be honest, the best thing about it for me was the stage 4 music, and I can play the NES game to hear that.

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