Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Crush Roller (NGPC)

I'm guessing a cute puzzle game involving animals in some way.

In the jungle, at the foot of the great mirrored mountain, the cat and the monkey frolicked without care.

But then suddenly a game started to take place! The cat ran away in horror, leaving the monkey to be trampled in the chaos.

It seems that I'm playing as a paintbrush. Presumably I have to paint the entire level while avoiding the enemies to win. So this is basically Pac-Man then?

There's no power pills around to let me eat the enemies, but I can use these paint rollers to crush them instead. Hey, that's the title of the game! The enemies soon return though, in a different colour.

Hey, down there on the right, it's the cat from the intro! And it's getting footprints all over my damn paint. Now I'll no doubt have to repaint that before I can finish.

I have to admit, I was not expecting a level select. Hmm, I'll go for 2-1 because it'll probably be the easiest one.

Next level same as the first more or less. Though I'm sure these yellow enemies are going faster than the blue ones.

Hey is that the monkey from the intro up there? Leaving me a damn trail to clean up. I wish I could go over there and sort him out.

Oh wow, I caught the monkey! Well, okay then, I guess I just clear up these last few squares and then I can move on.

Yeah, I'm sure these enemies get faster as they change colours. These red ones are downright lethal.

Well at first I was thinking 'sure I'd love to continue to play this boring Pac-Man clone', but then I noticed that it seems to be the monkey making the selection, and I don't think the monkey would want this bullshit to go on any longer. Monkey just wants to play in the jungle with the cat.

So I'll have to go with 'no'.

And so the paintbrush spent the rest of his miserable life on the streets. Game over.

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