Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Batman: Vengeance (GBA)

Nice shiny logo. Seems good so far.

The camera pans across the 3d animated city to reveal...
The Dark Knight himself, posing on side of a building. And that's the end of the intro.

This music sounds like it's being played on a music box. Creepy, but not very dramatic.

I tried Advance Mode, but it demanded a password before I was allowed to use it. Apparently it's too advanced for me.

No more animation, these are all still shots.

The Joker's about to tell us all about his latest scheme. Little does he know that I, the person who will soon be playing Batman, is spying on him!

Huh? I must have blinked and missed it. Apparently the plan is too secret to tell the player about yet.

They've done a nice job of modelling the Batman: The Animated Series version of the Joker in 3d I reckon. Harley is looking a bit weird though.

Why are you asking me? I didn't get to hear the plan remember.

Oh no, the Joker's robbing the Gotham City Museum!

You too Batgirl! I assume she's doing something really important or dangerous or else she'd surely be rushing to my side to help me out.

Alfred contacts me on radio to tell me to remember to use my health kits if I need them.

Well those graphics look kind of ugly. And the music sounds very... retro. Which is a nice way of saying it sounds like it's coming out of a Game Boy.

Wow, I never knew that Gotham City was symmetrical.

I thought this was a robbery, why are the henchmen carrying rocket launchers.

Thankfully they go down in a couple of hits. I don't have to stand punching them for 5 minutes until they're knocked out.

And then I fell down a hole and died.

Game over.

It takes more than falling off a building to make me quit. A few more rockets to the face might do the trick though, because this is boring the hell out of me.

And Batman is defeated once more. Cause of death: too many rockets in the face.

I've could have taken the enemies out from across the screen with a batarang, but my ammo is very limited.

Well at least it started me off at a checkpoint. So I didn't have to fight through all those henchmen with rocket launchers again to get up to these new henchmen with entirely different rocket launchers.

THWACK! Taste a fistful of street justice you nefarious fiend. Again.

Man, look at the graphics on that building. It feels like the developers just didn't care much about making this game, and it makes it hard for me to care either.

And as the screen fills with bats, I'm left once again to contemplate the question 'Continue or quit?'

I think I'll go with 'quit'.

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