Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Electrocop (Lynx)

Half man, half battery, all cop.

"June, 2069.
Washington, D.C.

You're a cop.
You are summoned to the offices of Megacorp, the world's largest corporation. Your boss orders you to do whatever Megacorp wants. They tell you that an evil robot has kidnapped the President's daughter, stolen some very important government secrets, and is now hiding in an old Megacorp research and development building."
Typical. Whenever the President gets captured they send two bad dudes or elite soldiers to rescue him. But when it's the President's daughter in danger they only ever send one lone cop.

"The robot believes it's safe because it thinks it's the only one that has the network plugs for the building. Megacorp knows better. Megacorp knows that you have a set of plugs too. Megacorp wants you to find and destroy the robot."
Shouldn't I be arresting the evil robot, seeing as I'm Electrocop. Also stop please saying 'Megacorp'.

"But who is this other robot? Why have you never heard of it before? Why did it capture the President's daughter? And why won't Megacorp tell you anything about the stolen secrets? Something stinks about this whole deal, and you're determined to find out what."
Intrigue! Could it be that the secretive sinister Megacorp could secretly be up to something sinister?

Wait, WHAT? Don't leave it at that, I want to know what happens in an hour! Do you nuke the whole building or something? Set off an EMP maybe?

Fine, I'll go do this. But only because I want to uncover your DEVIOUS SCHEME.

For absolutely no reason the inside of the Megacorp research facility has giant circuit boards on the walls.

More importantly it also has killer robots trying to murder me, which I don't remember anyone mentioning in the briefing.

Oh hey, I've got a laser gun. This should be handy against those belligerent robots.

This screenshot makes the game look way more action packed and interesting than it is.

It's awkward to shoot the robots horizontally, there's no space to see them coming at all. So I just waited until they wandered in front of me instead.

I wish I had a map to this place, I don't even know if I'm heading in the right direction here.

Oh wait, hang on... what's that over there on the right?

Is this a shoulder mounted cannon maybe? I can't seem to make it do anything.

Whatever, I'll keep it anyway.

Ah, this one looks more promising. A computer panel next to a locked door, I don't have to have a super analog computer brain to figure this one out.

So many choices, and the clock is still running.

I think I'll go with... games!

There's three games to choose from. The first is a basic one level asteroids clone. Which I lost.

Block sliding puzzles... I hate block sliding puzzles.

Wow, way to belittle my success.

Generally it's good game design to reward the player for achieving things, not point out how pointless and empty their victory truly is.

Apparently in the great scheme of things beating this breakout clone is pointless too.

Now I'm all demoralised. Thanks for ruining my day, Electrocop.

Oh, I forgot to mention that before I played the games I set an ice breaker program going to crack the door code.

Weirdly the game lets me inputting the code manually. Maybe the code stays the same for each playthrough, in which case have a free code! You deserve it.

Level 2 drops the computer look for something that almost resembles a high-tech research base.

It also has a door blocked by lasers, with a computer next to it.

Wow, the ice breaker's really taking a while to work this time around. Maybe I'm supposed to be playing the games while I wait?

Well I guess I never did finish that asteroids game...


Oh, I guess I'm not going that way. The game doesn't show the foreground walls until I walk right into them, so I have to keep walking towards the camera in different rooms until I find a way out.

Damn, there's no gap in this wall either. I really wish I had a map to this maze of rooms. I've got less than 53 minutes until disaster here!

Awesome I have found a way out! Or maybe I'm just heading back the way I came, I don't even know any more.

I don't remember the floor being covered in red and white tiles earlier though. White spins me around, and red is harmful, so I've been trying to avoid them. But only when I can be bothered.

Damn, the giant robot viruses got me in the end.

Now I'll never know what the shady Megacorp was up to.

Hold the presses, we've just got an incredible scoop! Our source has found a small unidentified pile of blue powder in the building where the evil robot has the President's daughter held hostage! Put this on the front page immediately!

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