Saturday, 22 October 2011

Wheel of Fortune: Deluxe Edition (SNES)

I may have seen this on tv once or twice when I was very young, but I can't remember anything about it. I'm sure I'll figure it out as I go though.

Players 0 to 3? You can play a zero player game?

How can I choose? They all look so damn happy to be here.

Okay, moving the d-pad seems to move choose between letters and...

What, my turn is over? I ran out of time and the next player took over. He decides to spin the wheel. With every move they make I get one step closer to figuring this game out.

Okay, they've both taken a turn, and now it's back to me again.

Aha! There are letters in the centre of those selections. All I have to do is press the appropriate button to select them. Okay, so the other players chose 'spin', so that's what I'll do...

OH COME ON, I've ran out of time again?

Look at them clapping. Wooo Jack spun a wheel, give the guy a big round of applause.

I get another turn, and pick 'spin'. Now I have to pick a letter, I think long and hard about the smartest letter to go for. My time runs out and I miss another turn.


My fourth turn, this time I know what I must do. No hesitation, no doubt. I click 'spin'. I choose the letter C.

It was wrong.


Nice guess Mel, sadly it wasn't quite right. Jack gets it wrong too.

My turn comes around again, I go to put in the correct answer. But I accidentally press the wrong button and skip my turn.

Mel and Jack take their turns again. They each make the exact same wrong guesses as they made last time. It comes around to me again.

YES, I win the round! That $200 is mine!

What, there's more of this game? It KEEPS GOING?

Screw that. Next game!

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