Friday, 21 October 2011

Dracula the Undead (Lynx)

It's like his face is being eaten away by a swarm of black pixels.

Hey, it's Bram Stoker, and he's using the magic of the Atari Lynx to narrate the story of Dracula for us!


Okay, cool we're finally up to the story. It gave me the option to skip the intro, but I think I'll leave it going in case I miss something interesting.


Yeah okay fine I'll skip the intro.

It wouldn't be so bad if he didn't pause the text to slowly turn his virtual page every 8 lines.

Interesting, I wasn't expecting an adventure game. I skipped the intro, and the game hasn't given me any objectives, so I guess I'll just go take everything that isn't nailed down.

Those are some pretty nice graphics I reckon, considering there's only 7 colours in that background.

I've found a window! A fine window.

I have successfully opened a cupboard!

Yeah, this isn't really going anywhere so I think I'd better leave and go hunt down adventure.

Well, uh... no this doesn't seem to be the way out. I could have sworn I saw a door handle.

Ah, maybe I can walk off screen. No this working either.


Oh come on, climb out the window you coward. Would you rather wait here until you starve to death?


Oh. The door was behind the screen. 

Well fine, okay I'm out. I don't have to think about that room any more. I've put that chapter of my life behind me now.

Amazingly the hallway is even less interesting than the room. At least the room had a window to jump out of.

He doesn't even want to recognise this clock's existence. But that doesn't matter, I've got three more exits to try.

I guess it's a little early to expect to find a light switch.

Only one room left then.

Fantastic, I meet up with Mr Dracula at last. Now perhaps I can get this story moving.

Prematurely... or not soon enough?

Next game.

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