Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Space Ace (MS-DOS)

Great, Space Ace again. I'm not going to make it past the first screen am I?

The plot: Woman falls off rock.

And then we're straight into the gameplay. I guess this is supposed to be the same place as in the last screenshot, but everything looks subtly different.

Space Ace (SNES)
It looks very different to the SNES version I played a while earlier. But when it comes down to it, I'm still a dude in white pyjamas dodging laser blasts on a bit of rock.

Oh shit, he's fast. RIGHT! Jump right. Right right right.

I think I pressed 'right' too many times. Okay, one button press per move, got it.

Oh good, I've lost a life. Three lives to last me the entire game, and if I lose them all it's back to the start.

This time I know what I'm doing, I dodge back to the left. And then what? Back to the right?

No, that's not it. But where else can I go? If I leave it going he jumps to the right automatically!

Okay, just so I can get past this first screen and see the next bit of the game I will cheat and look up what to do.

Oh. You duck behind the rock on the third move. Of course.

Well, this is familiar.

Well at least I reappear on the same part I was killed on in this version of the game.


Well I cheated and looked up how to get past the lasers (turns out down, then up makes you run left and jump in the spaceship), but now I have to figure out why I immediately crash and explode.

Shut up! Stop laughing, just... shut up and piss off. This isn't funny.

Oh I see, according to the walkthrough I should have pressed right to jump the gap...

And now I... okay screw it, I'm done with this. It's a QTE game without the flashing symbols on screen, a memory game you have to beat through trial and error. I mean it's not like I didn't KNOW this before I started, I've played Dragon's Lair before, but... I'm just amazed each time I try these games that they really are designed to be like this.

Damn it looks pretty for a 1989 DOS game though.

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