Monday, 6 February 2012

Burger Man (Amiga)

Another game request. I'm going to guess it's either a platformer or a puzzle game, and I have to get this cheeseburger out of the restaurant, through a forest level, and then to safety! At some kind of burger sanctuary perhaps, I dunno. Maybe he's even got a Burger Woman to rescue along the way.

In any case, I think it'd would be best for everyone to get this thing away from humanity. He doesn't look healthy at all. Plus he's been on the floor.

The music hasn't changed yet. Why hasn't the music changed yet?

Oh, the game's a BurgerTime clone. I play as a very human Burger Man, avoiding enemies and walking across pieces of a giant burger to knock them together. Apparently this is the most critical part of giant burger making, as they had to airlift a specialist in to get the job done. The Burger Man is so revered in this culture in fact, that they've erected (at least) two enormous Sphinx-like statues in his honour.

Next level. Same music, same background, different layout.

Hey, there's that burger from the title screen. I knew that thing couldn't be good for me.

To be honest I just walked into enemies here until I ran out of lives. I was kind of hoping for a game over screen, but nope.

This really is all there is to the game. There's nothing else to see. It's this background and this music forever. Until you finally crack.

Next game.


  1. The burger man statues have nipples. That's... Great...


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