Wednesday, 28 March 2012

CyberMage: Darklight Awakening (MS-DOS)

Wow, that's... an unusual title screen. A guy that looks like Robocop crossed with Judge Dredd grimacing as he squats over broken glass with a smoking hole in his forehead.

Now his hand's on fire? Man this guy's life sucks.

A first person shooter? Not the first thing that came to mind after all that comic book art. I didn't have any luck trying to make it work right with the mouse so I'm going with the keyboard for this one. How quaint.

I had way too much trouble trying to open that door. It tuns out that the tiny red line on the left is a switch.

Weirdly the door to the nice shiny clean lab opened up into a murky rocky cave with monsters in it.

I killed the monsters with my gun hand then stole their blue souls. Well I got one of them before it disappeared at least. These things fade quickly. It seems they give you a refill of health or ammo.

My first attempts at getting up this ladder didn't work out so well. I overshot, somehow latched on to the ladder backwards while backing up, then accidentally climbed up and smacked my head on the bottom of the walkway.

I'm not beaten yet though. Sooner or later I WILL make it up this ladder.

Well that's annoying. I fell into this room and now I can't find a way out. I turned a map on but that was no help. I can't find a switch...


And then a rock wall eventually opened up and let me out. Yay.

Crap, I'm out of ammo! My power meter recharges over time, but slowly, and it takes 5 units of power to fire a shot so I get 9 shots until I'm out. Time for plan B.

Grenades! Well that seemed to work out, and I got out of there with more than half my health bar left.

These two don't look like scientists, but they could be guards. Should I wait for to see if they try to kill me or shoot them in the back? Oh crap, they've seen me and they appear to be belligerent, uh... EAT MY FISTGUN! BLAM BLAM!

What the hell were they doing in this lab anyway? Those things in the vats don't look too healthy.

It would appear that I have stumbled across a holographic video communication screen, cool.
"Something has gone terribly wrong, your life is in great danger. We implanted an extraordinary crystal in your brain but others have learned of your crystal implant and want to destroy you."
You did WHAT? Crap, someone's dragged him away. Okay, I guess I'll go escape the lab then.

I don't know if it's just my soundcard settings, but the music is this is really bad. Plus I don't know if it's dynamic in some way, but it seems to be getting worse the more I play.

Hey it's the guy from the videophone! Don't worry man, I'll get you out of there. Eventually.

Awesome, a shelf full of free stuff. A health refill, a mysterious computer device, and a laser gun.


The mystery of the computer thing is finally solved! It's pretty much just a key for this bit.

I think I'd better make sure I have my laser gun for this. It's not any deadlier than my hand cannon, but I keep running out of power in the middle of fights and getting killed.

Oh shit, that's a lot of enemies. I was struggling enough against just two or three a second ago (fortunately the game lets you save anywhere). Well I guess I'll just keep firing until they turn around, then I'll get the fuck out of there. Then sneak out and shoot them again.


I'm so close to rescuing that guy, he's in that room down there. But first I need to wipe out the enemies, and I'm doing a terrible job of it. I can barely see who I'm trying to kill, and whenever I try to sneak out for a closer look, they shoot me.

Then I have to sit through ten seconds of failure music before I click the load button. Every single time.

Oh, wait, I could have just pressed Escape and skipped that at any time. Uh, disregard my whining.

Okay, only you and me left now you ugly hoverbot. I may be out of hand power, and laser gun ammo but that's okay because I've brought something better.

Hoverbot, meet hover bombs!

Wow he's a weird looking guy from up close. But the rescue is a success, so it's time I left to try to get to the city or whatever.


Damn. That was a lot of enemies. But I did it, and I still have 3 health left!

Huh, what's that coming around the corner? Is that a... TANK? Shit, I'm just going to run for it.

Son of a BITCH!

Okay, let me load and try this again.

This time I brought GRENADES, hahaha! Okay this isn't working, I'm falling back and coming up with a new plan.

I found my own tank! Those enemies aren't so tough now that they're all dead.

It seems that this tunnel doesn't lead anywhere though, so I'm going to have to backtrack. Maybe I'll go climb that... ladder I passed on the way here.

Oh excellent. Now I'm in the sewers. I was just thinking how it'd be nice to get out of those bright corridors and into a dark stinking maze flooded with sewerage.

Zombies! I could probably take them, but I'm so tired of this now. This seems as good a point as any to call it a day.

Next game.

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