Saturday, 4 October 2014

Super Adventures's Disappointing 1000th Post Spectacular!

When I realised I was getting close to the 1000th article posted to the site, I figured that I'd do something interesting for the occasion. But nothing came to mind, so I gave up on that and decided to just show every single title screen, box shot or logo added to the site in the last four years, in one absurdly long alphabetically organised grid of thumbnails.

No commentary this time, just several big images containing hundreds of tiny ones.

Sometimes in the past I've written a about a few games on the same page, sometimes I've given two pages to one game, and sometimes I've gotten incredibly shamefully lazy and just thrown up a row of title screens with no text, so there isn't quite a full 999 images here, but there's enough! Don't try to click them expecting them to take you anywhere though, this is supposed to be a happy occasion, not a 'go back and realise that I used to have no idea what I was doing' occasion. Let's just pretend for today that all my old articles have been competent and complete as this one will almost certainly turn out to be.

(If you're honestly wondering why I didn't take the time to make them all work as links, try counting to a thousand and see how long that takes you.)

See that Steam? That's how you do an endless scrolling list of games. Maybe for my 2000th post I'll go full-crazy and put them in chronological order to see the evolution of title screens.

Thanks to Faust, GreatOldOne, Jihaus, K-hos, Kraed, Mecha-Neko, Nessiah, Nintondo Man, Ocean and ZX Link for contributing an epic 175 guest posts between them over the last four years, meaning that 17.5% of these are entirely their fault.

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    I remember how I stumbled into this blog: a few months ago I was looking for a review of "Xenophage: Alien Bloodsport", I found yours, and I enjoyed it. Then I browsed around your website and was enamoured to see so many old school videogames... even videogames I didn't know!

    I must say this list of covers is absolutely awesome. They really don't make title screens like they used to. I am kinda tempted to print it out.... I actually might!

    1. I can't belive... my first visit to Super Adventures in Gaming was EXACTLY because I was searching for Xenophage: Alien Bloodsport on google images!!!!!!!!!!
      And here I discovered this cool blog, full of screenshots of various games!

      Congratulations, you should be proud of this great list of games =D

    2. At this rate it's going to turn out that I've got Xenophage to thank for half my readers. Not a massive surprise though really, the game's a work of art.

  2. Congratulations to your 1000th post, Ray! I didnt expect you would be still going strong four years, still keeping your enthusiasm and patience for crappy games, so kudos to you and I wish you lot of energy and enjoyment from writing this blog for next 3000th anniversary! (I hope. :D ) It is just pity mecha-neko dont post as frequently as he used to, I miss his style of writing. But at least he didnt leave us altogether.

    Heh, I see you sure gave lot of attention to James Bond games during that Bond games marathon 2 years ago. Have you maybe considered for next year giving more space to other film themed long going game series such as Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings, Alien Vs Predator, Spider-Man, etc.?

    It kept me wondering for longer time, but now I finally realized why Heretic is in box of most read articles. I think it got attention from your curator page at Steam you created recently and recommended it there. I feel almost "honored" that three of my requests got recommended there. :) Nice idea for propagating older classic games for new audience.

    1. Thanks man. Mecha-neko's always surprised that people even remember him, so maybe this will encourage him to write more. Uh, I mean write more OFTEN.

      I did give the James Bond games some proper attention, but I was a bit concerned about letting them hijack my site for so long after the response to my Jurassic Park marathon. I some how managed to make people sick of Jurassic Park and for that I can only apologise. I always end up talking myself out of focusing on a single game series for a bit, because I don't think it'd be appreciated.

      It would be awesome if my Steam curator page was bringing more attention to Heretic (and my site), but I don't think we're there yet. I'm not seeing any traffic coming to the game page from Steam at least, so I guess it's beating FFVII, Pokémon and, uh, Mountain Bike Rally purely due to its own appeal.

  3. Congratulations! A massive accomplishment to have kept this going for so long and remained consistently witty and entertaining.

    I stumbled upon the site searching for Colony, the Spectrum game from the mid 80s about a lonely robot growing mushrooms in an alien ant colony... It seems it wasn't as good I as remembered. That said, it introduced me to this site, so thank you 9 year old me to playing that piece of crap one sunny Saturday morning.

    If you could find time in the next 1000 to go back and play Supremacy for the Amiga (which at the moment has a solitary screen shot on the site) my joy would know no bounds.

    Here's to the next 1000!

    1. You don't want to be taking my word on whether or not ZX Spectrum games are any good, especially if nine year old you is telling you something different. They're like Magic Eye pictures, you need a certain level of focus to look beyond the garish scattering of colour and see the appeal in them.

      I'll add Supremacy to my list though. I honestly know nothing about it beyond that one screenshot, as I saw it in a magazine once and it stuck with me, so it'll be weird to find out how it actually plays. I've already got a full set of S games (and then some) for my alphabet gimmick this year though, so I can't really think about it for a few months.

  4. Happy 1,000th post! Keep up the good work!

  5. Congratulations on the 1000 posts Ray. Your site has pride of place among my 20-odd Firefox home pages now, a great honour I'm sure you'll agree.

  6. actually, none of the others have anything to with gaming! btw I wondered if you have ever played the puzzle game Enigma, based on the old Oxyd games? The home page is and it's by far the deepest puzzle game I've ever played, and it's free.


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