Thursday, 14 June 2012

Accele Brid (SNES)

Racing maybe? Or perhaps a shoot 'em up. The cheesy music makes me think it could go either way.

Oh! It's mech combat.

No wait, I mean it's racing! Obviously.

Racing with mech combat? I'll just pick the default load out.

So it's pretty much like WipeOut, only with a mech instead of a hovercraft then?

I can punch left and right, and fire guns and missiles. I don't think it's very fair that these guys are racing backwards and shooting at me, so I'm gonna blow them up a little to teach them a lesson.

I can't fly, but I can jump for a bit, which is useful for hitting these flying enemies.

Oh, sorry I was wrong. I can fly if I transform into my jet fighter form. Not sure it's doing me much good though if that's my health on the bottom left then I'm about to explode.


Are these two the stage boss then? I've got a warning message flashing up and if that thing on top is my progress then I am at the end of the level.

They kidnapped my boss! That is shockingly bad sportsmanship.

Well, I guess the race is over then.

I head to Tiamat Gorge, in hot pursuit.

I've swapped the racetrack for some caves, but the gameplay is still the same Space Harrier/Star Fox style shooting, and it's not getting any more interesting.

Great, now they're shooting webs at me.

Stage boss time again, this time I seems to be against some kind of tank. I have to jump over the stream of bullets as he sweeps across.

Hey, that ain't fair. He's disappeared off screen and left me with lots of missiles to dodge. I don't have enough health for this bullshit.

I guess that's that then. I've definitely got no interest in playing any further.

Next game.

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