Saturday, 23 July 2011

2010: The Graphic Action Game (ColecoVision)

I think this may be it, the laziest title screen on my entire site.

The game's based on the sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey, which I'm sure I've read but can't remember a single thing about.

Actually I remember that it was about a team of scientists trying to recover the spaceship Discovery (the ship with the psycho computer HAL, from the first movie) for whatever reason.

This schematic of Discovery is covered in blue dots which I guess are damaged systems. The ship appears to be falling into the sun, so I should probably do something about that.

Yeah I think I see what the problem is here; the red line isn't going through to the end. Gotta get that thing going through all the chips and down to the exit.

Holding the button down makes the red line travel down the wire to the next chip. Then I have to pull in the direction I want it to go next with the joystick.

I nearly had it! I chose the right path, but that damned bouncing diamond shaped power surge thing hit the chip I was sitting at and blew it up. Now I have to replace the chip with the correct part and begin again from the start.

I'm guessing that the ship is still dropping into the sun while I'm wasting time on this, so I need to move faster.


That's better, I've got the reactor, engines and comm working. Only a few more dots to go now.

Oh fuck, I accidentally chose the wrong direction. I saw that the exit was on the right, and immediately pulled right before I noticed that the wire was coming out of the bottom of the chip.

It's okay, if I let go of the button the red line will start to backtrack down the wires. If I had hit that chip though, it would have exploded and I'd be back at square one again.


Son of a bitch, I already fixed that! This damn ship is falling apart faster than I can fix it.

Maybe it's something to do with it falling into the sun, I'm not sure.

You know, this is actually kind of boring. In fact it's really boring. Especially when I have to keep repeating stuff I've already done due to blown chips.

It's like a hacking minigame from a modern sci-fi game, but there's no larger game to go around it. It's all hacking. Forever.

Still, that's it I think. The last damaged system is fixed and I've saved the day!

Damn. I just let one of the most iconic ships in science fiction history explode in a nuclear fireball.

Well, my work here is done, next game.

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